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Cover letter law firm directory
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Cover letter law firm directory

Date:09.09.2016, 00:20 Get a name. If you have to, call the employer and ask. Similarly, dont write that youre interested in a firms tax practice and then apply to the firms one office without a tax attorney in it. Do not use the "first person" form. No "I" statements. Be descriptive. Use active verbs to describe what you did. Do not use the same verb more than three times. Do not use "worked on" to describe. Tips Eliminate all use of bullets. Create a header that takes no more than two lines. For each school and/or job, use no more than two lines to state the name of the company/school, location, and time. Do your homework. And avoid anything that makes your letter sound like a mail merge. Dont write your firm; use the firms name. If career services offers a sample cover letter, dont use any part of it.
Cover letter law firm directory

Cover letter law firm directory Cover letter law firm directory


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