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Problems with drunk driving essay
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Problems with drunk driving essay

Date:04.05.2018, 03:34 America doesn t want to watch idly as hundreds of people are killed each day. We want to take a stand and let the world know that we may be the land of the free and the. In 1997, 21 percent of the young drivers involved in fatal crashes had been drinking. Eight young people die a day in alcohol-related crashes, and 2,104 people ages 16-2- died in alcohol-related crashes in 1998. Some people believe that the BAC level should be.10 while others think it should be lowered to.08. Herein lies the problem for the police and courts. Under the old BAC standards, typically.15, there was a strong correlation. Keep in mind that persons can and always could be arrested for drunk driving, virtually regardless of BAC levels, based on their driving performances. ( DWI: Are we going in the right direction?, Internet source) The overwhelming.
Problems with drunk driving essay

Problems with drunk driving essay Problems with drunk driving essay


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