И так наш жалкий жизненный путь не будет пройден напрасно». Биография Леонардо была бы неполной, если бы в ней не нашлось места для величайшего его приключения путешествия на Восток, которое переменило его жизнь, но о котором тем.

New york court reporter
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New york court reporter

Date:14.12.2016, 08:45 RULES REQUIRING CITATION TO OFFICIAL REPORTS "New York decisions shall be cited from the official reports, if any." (CPLR 5529 e.) "Where New York authorities are cited in any submissions, New York Official Law Report citations shall. New rules illustrate the use of an ellipsis with a period (11.1 c 2) and with other punctuation (11.1 c 3). The style for joint alterations and omissions has been added to rule 11.1 (d). As always, the staff of the Law Reporting Bureau deserves the highest praise for its absolutely meticulous work. On behalf of myself, the Court of Appeals and the rest of the Court System, I express the utmost. LaBoda Kelli J. Flansburg. Maureen L. Clements Rocco J. Padula Amanda FiggsGanter. Stephen M. Carroll WILLIAM J. HOOKS STATE REPORTER. COPYRIGHT 2012 New York State Unified Court System. First Edition Published in 1956.
New york court reporter

New york court reporter New york court reporter


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