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Edit sql query crystal report 9
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Edit sql query crystal report 9

Date:01.02.2017, 17:50 I tried in sub rpt via Database Expert to link the XLS to the SQL Server tbl using Left Outer Join, Enforced Both, and!, but the first account # in the XLS is listed for the 293. I tried in sub rpt in Database Expert to link XLS to SQL Server table using Inner Join, Not Enforced, and! as the Link Type, but I still get in the results some accounts that are in. I am trying to add a parameter to SQL commands in Crystal report and it errors out. Below is my query select as ActivityRequestID, count as ChangeCount. I have a Crystal Report and in it is a sub report. The main rpt has an Excel file (named Sheet1_ in Crystal Rpt even though on my desktop the name of the XLS file is).
Edit sql query crystal report 9

Edit sql query crystal report 9 Edit sql query crystal report 9


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